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Dilshad Set Meal Recommendations
English Dishes
( V ) =Suitable for Vegetarians
( G ) =Gluten
Salmon Tikka £6.95
Salmon fillet marinated in herbs, lemon juice & then grilled in the clay oven.
Pathia Puri(G) £5.95
Chicken tikka cooked in a sweet & sour sauce & wrapped in a soft puri bread.
Hands down our best starter!
Dynamite Prawns £6.95
Battered jumbo prawns, coated in a spicy mayo sauce.
Chilli Paneer( V ) £5.25
A mixture of lightly spiced soft paneer cheese and chick peas, with onions, peppers, tamarind and fresh chillies.  
King Prawn Kebab £6.45
Tandoori king prawns barbecued with onions, tomato & peppers.
Lamb Chops £6.95
Marinated pieces of lamb, flame cooked in the tandoori oven.
Mixed Platter(G) (for 2 people) £11.95
top A selection of sheek kebab, chicken tikka, tandoori wings, vegetable and meat samosa.
Onion Bhajee( V ) £3.95
Everyone's favourite, sliced onions shaped & lightly spiced with gram flour.
Samosa( V ) £4.25
A choice of seasoned chicken, meat or mixed vegetable Vegan, wrapped in fine pastry.
Chicken Pakora £4.50
Tender chicken breast, dipped into a light gram flour batter & then deep fried.
Prawns On Puri(G) £5.95
A mixture of shrimps & king prawns. Cooked in a dry bhuna sauce, wrapped in a soft puri bread.
Garlic Mushrooms( V ) £3.95
Button mushrooms coated in a gram flour batter, brushed with a garlic sauce.
Fish Pakora £4.95
Tilapia fish fillet coated in a our blend of spices.
Nargis Kebab £4.95
Indian scotch egg, wrapped in an omelette.
Mushroom Paneer( V )(G) £5.45
top Button mushrooms & soft paneer cheese cooked in a semi dry tasty sauce, served within a puri.
Sheek Kebab £4.25
Spiced minced meat, skewered over charcoal.
Tikka £4.25
Chicken breast marinated in yoghurt & spices, which is then flame grilled.
Tandoori Mixed Kebab £4.50
A combination of chicken & lamb tikka & sheek kebab.
Lamb Tikka £4.95
Succulent fillet of meat seasoned in spices and yoghurt, then barbecued on skewers in the clay oven.
Tandoori Wings £3.95
Chicken wings marinated in a delicious sauce, then barbecued to perfection.
Tandoori Chicken £3.95
top Quarter piece of marinated chicken, which is grilled in the tandoori oven.  
(Served with Half a portion of Pilau Rice.)
Tawa Tikka £9.95
Chicken breast, cooked with onions, peppers and mushrooms in a bhuna sauce with a hint of chilli. Served on a tawa plate.
Bhuna Chops £12.95
Grilled lamb chops cooked in a delicious medium spicy bhuna sauce, with a hintof citrus.
Bhindi Fish £13.95
Fillets of grilled fresh cod, served in a rich tomato based medium spicy sauce, with garlic & fresh okra.
Oriental King Prawn(G) £12.95
The exquisite taste of king prawns pan fried with onions, tomatoes & peppers with a dash of soy sauce, in a stir fry style curry.
Vegetable Karhai Vegan £9.95
A magnificent combination of mixed vegetables, mushrooms, chick peas & spinach in a medium spicy sauce.
Chicken Tikka Masalla £9.95
The country's favourite - tender chicken breast prepared with coconut, spices and generous portions of fresh cream - irresistible.
Garlic Chilli Chicken £9.95
Chicken Tikka cooked with fresh chillies in a hot and spicy sauce with a generous amount of fresh garlic.
Tandoori Murghi Masalla £9.45
Chicken tikka & minced meat, simmered in a medium spicy sauce which also contains a boiled egg.
The Dilshad Biryani £9.95
Fluffy basmati rice cooked with chicken and lamb tikka, scrambled egg, a delightful selection of spices and fresh chillies. Served with a lovely curry sauce. The best biryani!
Butter Chicken £9.95
Rich, creamy & mild, it contains only the choicest morsels of chicken tikka and lashings of butter.
King Prawn Tawa £12.95
Freshwater king prawns simmered in a semi dry medium spicy sauce, consisting of peppers & cherry tomatoes, which can be served on a tawa.
Staff Curry £12.95
Traditional home style curry, consisting of mutton on the bone, in a rich delicious gravy.
Spiced Paneer( V ) £9.95
A mixture of paneer, cauliflower, aubergine, in a delicious balanced sweet & sour sauce.
Tandoori Special £13.95
A real "He Mans Grill" – chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab & tandoori chicken served on a sizzling plate.
This is also served with a Pathia sauce & green salad.
Pathia Puri(G) £9.95
Chicken tikka cooked in a sweet & sour sauce & wrapped in a soft puri bread. (Pilau Rice not included.)
Fish Curry £14.95
Fillets of fresh salmon cooked in a spicy madras sauce.
Shashlick Bhuna £10.95
Chicken tikka baked with chunks of tomatoes, onions & green peppers which is then cooked in a medium spicy sauce.
Quorn® Curry Vegan £8.95
A delicious mild gravy made from our spices and coconut milk - with soft Quorn pieces.
Lamb Karhai £9.95
Strips of lamb tikka, cooked in a delicious bhuna sauce, consisting of onions and peppers.
Special Platter Bhuna £13.95
A combination of chicken & lamb tikka, sheek kebab & tandoori chicken, cooked in a tasty medium sauce.
Keema Peas £9.45
Authentic style minced beef, cooked with spices, peas and baby potato into bhuna sauce.
Naga Chicken £9.45
top Marinated chicken breast cooked in a hot & spicy sauce, with a hint of tangy pickle accompanied with a mouth watering aroma.
Chicken £6.45
Meat £6.75
Prawn £6.95
King Prawn £9.95
Vegetable( V ) £6.45
Paneer £6.95
Chicken Tikka £7.45
Lamb Tikka £8.45
Tropical(Chicken, Meat & Prawn) £8.95
Add an additional 50p for curries below
Madras(Hot with lemon)
Pathia(Sweet & sour, slightly hot)
Dhansak(Lentils & pineapple)
Rogan(Medium with tomatoes)
Jalfrezi(Chillies, onions & peppers)
Bhuna(Semi dry, onions & tomatoes)
Kurma(Mild, sweet & creamy)
Dupiaza(Diced onions & peppers)
top Sagwalla(Spinach & garlic)
EXTRA: Chicken, Meat, Paneer or Prawn £2.00   - King Prawns £3.00   - Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka £2.50   - Vegetable or Chilli £1.00
(Spiced with a blend of herbs, spices, onions, peppers & tomatoes, and served in an iron balti - which give them a truly distinctive flavour.)
Chicken £6.75
Meat £7.25
Prawn £7.25
King Prawn £10.45
Vegetable( V ) £6.75
Paneer £7.25
Chicken Tikka £7.45
Lamb Tikka £8.45
Tropical(Chicken, Meat & Prawn) £8.95
Add an additional 50p for balti's below
Balti Madras(Hot with lemon)
Balti Pathia(Sweet & sour, slightly hot)
Balti Dhansak(Lentils & pineapple)
Balti Rogan(Medium with tomatoes)
Balti Jalfrezi(Chillies, onions & peppers)
Balti Bhuna(Semi dry, onions & tomatoes)
Balti Kurma(Mild, sweet & creamy)
Balti Dupiaza(Diced onions & peppers)
top Balti Sagwalla(Spinach & garlic)
EXTRA: Chicken, Meat, Paneer or Prawn £2.00   - King Prawns £3.00   - Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka £2.50   - Vegetable or Chilli £1.00
(A dry dish with fluffy saffron rice mixed with cardamon and cinnamon - also served with a vegetable curry side dish.
House Special Biryani
(A mixture of chicken, meat & prawn)
Chicken Biryani £8.45
Meat Biryani £8.95
Prawn Biryani £8.95
King Prawn Biryani £9.95
Vegetable / Paneer Biryani( V ) £8.45
top Tikka Biryani (Chicken or Lamb) £9.95
(All dishes served from a sizzling plate. Served with a mixture of fried onions & peppers - also served with green salad.)
Chicken Tikka £8.45
Tandoori Chicken (Half) £8.45
Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.95
Shashlick(Chicken / Lamb) £9.95
Lamb Tikka £10.95
Salmon Tikka £13.95
King Prawn Kebab £13.95
top Paneer Shashlick( V ) £9.95
(The following dishes can be prepared as Main Courses at £8.25.( V )All suitable for vegetarians)
Bombay Aloo Vegan £4.25
Potatoes in a dry spicy sauce.
Brinjal Bhajee Vegan £4.25
Aubergines in a dry sauce.
Aloo Gobi Vegan £4.25
Mixture of potato and cauliflower.
Saag Aloo Vegan £4.25
Spinach and potato in a dry sauce.
Bhindi Bhajee Vegan £4.25
Okra, cooked in a spicy sauce.
Mushroom Bhajee Vegan £4.25
Sliced button mushroom in a dry sauce.
Saag Paneer £4.25
Fresh spinach with curd cheese.
Mattar Paneer £4.25
Green peas & curd cheese.
Chana Bhajee Vegan £4.25
Chick peas and onions.
Tarka Dhall £4.25
top Soft lentils spiced with garlic.
→ BREADS(G) Price
Naan £2.50
Keema Naan (Minced Meat) £2.95
Garlic Naan £2.95
Peshwari Naan £2.95
Cheese Naan £2.95
Cheese & Garlic Naan £3.45
Cheese & Keema Naan (Minced Meat) £3.45
Cheese & Chilli Naan £3.45
Family Naan £8.50
Family Garlic Naan £9.95
Family Peshwari Naan £9.95
Tandoori Roti £1.95
Paratha £2.75
Vegetable Paratha £3.25
top Chapatti £1.45
Boiled Rice £2.50
Pilau Rice £2.95
Mushroom Pilau Rice £3.45
Fried Rice £2.95
Egg Fried Rice £3.25
Garlic Fried Rice £3.45
Lemon & Chilli Fried Rice £3.95
Keema Fried Rice £3.95
Chicken Fried Rice £3.95
Vegetable Pilau Rice £3.25
Chips (Homemade Fat Chips) £2.50
Fries £2.95
Masala Fries £2.95
Chutney & Pickles (Each) £1.00
top Papadom (Plain or Spiced) £1.00
(For 2 People)
Pathia Puri  -  Vegetable Samosa
Meat Sagwalla  -  Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi
Bombay Aloo -  Pilau Rice  -  Garlic Naan £34.95
(For 4 People)
Tandoori Wings  -  Onion Bhaji  -  Sheek Kebab  -  Chicken Pakora
Chicken Tikka Passanda -  Meat Bhuna  -  Prawn Jalfrezi  -  Chicken Rogan
Sag Aloo  -  Mushroom Bhajee
top 2 Pilau Rice  -  2 Naan £69.95
All dishes are served with salad and chips.
Scampi £7.95
Chicken Nuggets £6.95
Cheese Omelette £6.95
top Chicken Omelette £7.95
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream(500ml)  
Chocolate Fudge Brownie £4.95
Cookie Dough £4.95
Caramel Chew Chew £4.95
top Dairy Free Chocolate Fudge Vegan £6.95